About Us

BayRides, a registered charitable organization, is a community-based transportation service offering accessible, reliable, affordable door-to-door transportation in the St. Margaret’s Bay area, from West Dover to Yankeetown Road and from Sheldrake Lake to the HRM County Line in Hubbards. We provide transportation to medical appointments, stores, businesses, social engagements, school, employment, connection to the Metro X bus stop (Exit 5, Hwy 103), or anywhere else you want to go around the Bay.

Everyone in the St. Margaret’s Bay area can be connected with their community.

Being connected to their community means that people are able to satisfy their social, economic, educational, recreational, and medical needs and wants. People’s quality of life is improved economically and socially because they are connected with their community.

BayRides is a community-based transportation service offering accessible, safe, personalized transportation for the people in the St. Margaret’s Bay area.

Accessible means being available to those with situational, physical, economic or social need for transportation.

Safe means meeting strict vehicular standards as well as prudence in customer care and operation into and out of the vehicle.

Personalized means recognizing the unique requirements of our riders.

Affordable means a system of fares that permit access to all.

The community is that area served by our license.

Core Values
Integrity: We will act with integrity by being honest, trustworthy, and above reproach.

Fairness: We will be fair and deal with all in an equitable fashion recognizing individual circumstances.

Respect: We will create a respectful environment that ensures dignity to riders, staff and volunteers.

Excellence: We will always strive to provide exemplary and reliable service.

Innovative: We are open to try new things in a creative environment.

Established in 2012, the St. Margaret’s Bay Community Transportation Society, operating as BayRides, is a community-based transportation service offering accessible, reliable, affordable door-to-door transportation in the St. Margaret’s Bay area within Halifax Regional Municipality.

A registered charity, BayRides is governed by a volunteer board of directors which is accountable to the members, community, funders and other stakeholders. They are accountable for BayRides’ performance in relation to its mission and strategic objectives, and for the effective stewardship of financial, capital and human resources.

Following the completion of a feasibility study and pre-pilot implementation phase in 2013/14, BayRides officially launched its service in September 2015 with one vehicle, an 8 passenger bus donated by the TD Bank. Our operation has expanded as demand for our service has grown.  We now have trained and friendly staff driving our four vans, one of which is an accessible vehicle, and our 12-passenger accessible bus, and Volunteer Drivers using their own personal vehicles.

In the early days, BayRides focused on seniors and other marginalized residents who needed a way to travel within their community. However, our service has grown dramatically and now the majority of our clientele are those still in the working age, especially daily commuters. The first year BayRides started measuring our trips made and kilometres travelled was fiscal year 2016/17. That year our organization made 3,003 trips and travelled 48,768 kilometres. In 2019/20, our organization made 11,256 trips and travelled 204,113 kilometres. That’s a 275% increase in trips and a 319% increase in distance travelled through organic growth.

BayRides provides a vital community service, especially for those who are transportationally disadvantaged, such as seniors, persons with disabilities, and other individuals who are marginalized for geographic, financial or health reasons. Fare subsidies and vouchers are provided when needed to ensure equitable access to affordable community transportation for all residents of the St. Margaret’s Bay area.

Board of Directors

Dustin O’Leary, President
Meghan Maher, Vice-President
Angela Snider, Treasurer
Benjamin Corkum, Secretary
Kevin Alexander, Director
Lydia Boutilier, Director
Alyson Brennan, Director
Neil Everton, Director
Conor Hubley, Director
Trevor Magarvey, Director
Mary Agnes Moar, Director
Ian Shawcross, Director
Cynthia Weatherston, Director

Our Staff

Operations Manager: Kalyn Breen
Lead Dispatcher: ​Jim Miller
Office Administrator/Dispatcher: Caroline O’Brien
Fleet Manager: Hans Stokkeskog​

Staff Drivers

Roy Bonia
Brian Dore
Wayne Duguay
Tim Edgerton
Dave Frisby
Tom Hann
Dan McCarville
Cameron Nickerson

Volunteer Drivers

Dave Chapman
Megan Harris
Gary Meads

If you are looking to become involved in BayRides please contact us. We can help find a volunteer position or duty that would suit or interest you.

Become a Volunteer Driver

Are you…

  • An excellent, careful driver with a clean driving record and a safe, well maintained vehicle?
  • A kind, positive and dependable person who loves to meet new people and who puts others at ease?
  • Looking for a way to stay active and make a difference in the lives of the residents of St. Margaret’s Bay?

Our Volunteer Drivers…

  • Are screened, trained & insured
  • Use their own vehicle and are reimbursed for mileage
  • Transport riders to destinations around St. Margaret’s Bay
  • Have safe, clean, well maintained vehicles

Download our Volunteer Application Form here.

Become a Sponsor

BayRides is looking for local businesses or events that would like to get involved and help support BayRides. If you would like to make a donation, we will put your logo on the Thank You Sponsors Board on our website.

Become a Vehicle Sponsor and get your logo on our vehicles. To find out more about our Vehicle Sponsorship Program click here.

If you would like to support us by carrying our brochures and/or posters in your business we will deliver them right to your door.

If you have any additional questions please contact us.

Join the Board of Directors or a Committee or Project Team

Would you like to make a difference in your community and support the growth and sustainability of BayRides? Contact us to find out how you can become involved.

For those who cannot fully commit to the board, but would like to get involved, you may be interested in working on a committee or project team.

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Sponsorship
  • Scheduling
  • Human Resources
  • Community leadership
  • Fundraising
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic Planning

If you can contribute in any way, we would love to hear from you.

BayRides is run by a dedicated board of volunteers who are passionate about helping their community.

In addition to the board, volunteers participate on standing committees for Governance, Human Resources, Finance, Revenue Generation, Communications, and Nominations. Volunteers also help with fundraising events such as our Annual Road Toll.

One of the ways we provide rides is through our Volunteer Driver Program in which Volunteer Drivers provide transportation to BayRides’ passengers using their own personal vehicles. Volunteer Drivers transport passengers to destinations around St. Margaret’s and on occasion they may do rides outside the area for medical appointments. Drivers using their own vehicles are a very important and valued part of the BayRides system and we truly appreciate their involvement.

Our Volunteer Drivers:

  • use their own vehicles* (reimbursed for mileage)
  • are screened, trained, insured and supported
  • can choose to provide local rides or travel outside the area if required
  • have safe, clean, well maintained vehicles

*Option to use a BayRides vehicle if one is available.

BayRides would like to send out a big thank you to all our funders, sponsors and supporters. Your contributions help ensure essential transportation services are available to all residents of the St. Margaret’s Bay area.

Thank you to our vehicle sponsors

Thank you to our supporters

      Councillor Pam Lovelace


Bay Treasure Chest Partner

BayRides is one of eight Bay Treasure Chest community partners. Funds raised by the BTC support programs and projects throughout the St Margaret’s Bay, Hammonds Plains and neighbouring areas. When you play, we all win!

BayRides’ New President welcomes new board members

27 July 2021

At the BayRides AGM, the incoming President, Dustin O’Leary, welcomed four new members to the board of directors. They include Neil Everton, Meghan Maher, Trevor Magarvey and Conor Hubley. Each of them brings a valuable set of skills that will help strengthen BayRides’ visibility and outreach. Thanks to relaxed Covid restrictions, BayRides staff and members of the board were actually able to meet each other in person for the first time in over a year. Dustin O’Leary invited everyone to join him at the Finer Diner and then to take a ride on the BayRides bus to fog-bound Peggy’s Cove with Fleet Manager Hans Stokkeskog at the wheel.

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2020 – 2021 President’s Report

June 2021

It has been an honor and pleasure to have served on the BayRides Board these past 5 years, the last three as Board Chair. During the first part of my term as Board Chair, BayRides was experiencing exponential growth. We hired Patty King as Executive Director in 2018, and shortly thereafter employed Hans Stokkeskog as Fleet Manager. About a year and a half ago, to ease the pressure on Lynn Coward who was acting as both Dispatcher and Office Administrator, we hired Karen Damtoft as Office Administrator. In March of this year when Lynn retired as Dispatcher we took on Courtenay Murdock as our new Dispatcher.

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BayRides Dispatcher Retires

April 2021

After nearly nine years with BayRides, Lynn Coward is set to retire at the end of March. The board members, staff and volunteers wish to express publicly their gratitude for Lynn’s unwavering commitment to BayRides’ well-being. As dispatcher since 2016, it is hers that has been the friendly frontline voice for hundreds of people who have used the service. “Lynn’s direct and compassionate relationship with drivers and riders resulted in confidence in the quality of service provided by BayRides. I am positive that BayRides would not be the success it is today had it not been for Lynn,” says Chris Pelham, past president.

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BayRides: A New Initiative and New Offices

January 2021

In November, BayRides was able to find a perfect location with convenient parking for their vehicles and comfortable office space for the executive director, office administrator and dispatcher. This has strengthened the organization and enabled the team to be more connected. The new offices are in the building across from the Irving Station and between Melissa Connick’s School of Dance and The Rustic Crust.

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BayRides Returns to Regular Service – Fare increase planned for October

August 2020
Hans with Fleet

After three months of reduced service, BayRides now has four of its regular drivers and three volunteer drivers back on the road, Monday to Friday from 6 am to 6 pm. The Seniors Grocery Shuttle is not yet back in service. To prevent the spread of Covid-19, BayRides has implemented a number of protocols for drivers and passengers based on public health directives.

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2019 – 2020 President’s Report

June 2020

As of this AGM, I am completing my second year as BayRides Chair. This past year has seen continued growth of BayRides but has not been without its challenges, particularly since March 16 when we took the decision to reduce our service to essential trips only due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the general shut-down, we continued to provide service to a few of our long-time clients who rely on us for their access to food and medicine. As I prepare this report, we have started to ‘ramp-up’ our service starting with those of our clients who use BayRides to get to and from work. We have established protocols to ensure the health and safety of our clients and drivers by maintaining distancing within the vehicles and utilizing strict hygienic practices.

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BayRides Coming Out of COVID

June 2020
Hans in Caravan

On March 16th, in response to the Covid-19 crisis, BayRides made the decision to reduce its service to essential trips to the grocery store or the pharmacy for a small number of long-time clients. Consequently, for almost three months BayRides has only had one driver on the road and only transported one passenger at a time.

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December 2019

BayRides is a registered charity that has been providing affordable, accessible door-to-door transportation in the St. Margaret’s Bay area since 2015.  BayRides is focused on careful financial management to ensure the sustainability of our service. 71% of all annual costs are directly related to keeping our vehicles on the road, allowing us to provide over 9,100 trips, covering over 173,000 kms, during our 2018-19 fiscal year.

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June 2019

It is hard to believe that a year has passed since I became Board Chair. It has been a great honour and pleasure working on the Board with such a talented and dedicated group of people during the past 12 months. It is gratifying to be part of an organization that provides such a valuable service to the local community. On assuming the presidency of BayRides I was aware that the organization was firmly established, well governed and growing and expanding at a rapid rate. I saw that our job as the Board was to keep the good ship BayRides on course by managing that growth, and ensuring sustainability of the organization over the long term. To keep with the ship metaphor, after one year, we have steered clear of the shoals and are cruising, at top speed, in open waters. We now have to plot the course over the next few years, make sure there is lots of fuel for the engines, a plethora of passengers, affordable fares, new destinations, and lifeboats aplenty should the need arise. Let me provide a few highlights of the last 12 months. Read Full Article


April 2019


East St. Margaret’s School in Indian Harbour has always been known for its community spirit, so it is not surprising that it is a WE School. The WE Schools program helps students think about issues like hunger, poverty and access to education at the local and global level. They are encouraged to find ways they can have a positive impact in their own community. Alyssa Morash, Brooklyn Lefort, and Riley Morash, who are members of the WE Club in their Grade 5-6 class, decided they wanted to raise money for a local community organization. After brainstorming with their principal, Mrs. Susan Casey, they chose BayRides. When asked why they picked BayRides, they said, “We see the BayRides vans going by our school every day and we all know people who don’t have a car or who can’t drive.” Read Full Press Release


March 2019

On March 16, 2019, TD Bank kindly hosted the official “unveiling” of two additions to the BayRides fleet of vehicles. Peter Delefes, President of BayRides, opened the event with a few remarks about the affordable service BayRides offers. “The new accessible bus will accommodate a minimum of 12 passengers and two people in wheel chairs,” he explained. “Based on the life span of the old bus, which has already been sold, the new bus should be in service for about 15 years,” he said. “Both the bus and the new Dodge Caravan are essential additions to our fleet. Currently we are driving at least 50 people a day and that number is increasing. Last year our vehicles covered 90,000 km. This year we expect to reach 170,000 km.” Read Full Press Release


March 2019

Video produced by PLANifax. We had a great time interviewing Dustin O’Leary from BayRides along with two wonderful BayRides users Chris and Ruth. We couldn’t fit everything into the first video so we’ve released this bonus video for anyone who wants to learn more about Rural Transit Providers in Nova Scotia.


February 2019

Video produced by PLANifax.


February 2019
Our Vice President, @DustinOLeary and @MattWalsh, a rider and supporter of BayRides sat down for a discussion of the our service and it’s place in the local community. Matt is an inspiring individual and he has started a VLog talking to local community groups so check it out.


January 2019


BayRides is very happy to announce that Hans Stokkeskog has been hired as Head Driver and Fleet Manager. He is a great addition to BayRides, not only because of his professional driving experience and knowledge of vehicles, but also his familiarity with the St. Margaret’s Bay area. “It’s the perfect job,” Hans says, “because I love driving and I love having conversations with people from all around St. Margaret’s Bay where I have lived for most of my life.” Read Full Press Release


October 2018


Every Tuesday morning BayRides operates the free Grocery Shuttle funded by the Seniors Association of St. Margaret’s Bay. Seniors are picked up at home and driven to either Sobey’s or the Superstore, depending on the week. When they have finished their shopping they are invited for refreshments in the store’s community room. Read Full Press Release


September 2018


Cora Dehaven is a young woman who lives in an apartment with her faithful service dog. Cora and her little dog Jaydin have been using BayRides ever since it started. “Before BayRides,” she says, “getting anything done was almost impossible. I felt helpless. I felt I was a nuisance and a bother.” Read Full Press Release


July 2018


After two years at the helm of BayRides, Chris Pelham has left to focus on other activities, including the Community Enterprise Centre. On behalf of the Board of Directors of BayRides, the new president Peter Delefes expresses his sincerest thanks to Chris Pelham for his years of leadership and commitment to the organization.  We look forward to Chris’ continued service as a volunteer driver for BayRides.  Thanks also go to out-going director Andrew Stenhouse for his invaluable contributions. Read Full Press Release


June 2018


Lynn Coward, BayRides’ Dispatcher and volunteer driver, has had a number of calls recently from people asking whether it is possible to get transportation to medical clinics outside our area. Her answer is: “Yes, we can take you to and from your appointment – as long as you live somewhere in our district. If you need a ride to the Hammonds Plains Medical Clinic or the Cobequid Community Health Centre, for example, we can get you there.” BayRides’ district covers the St. Margaret’s Bay area which is bounded by Queensland, the Yankeetown Road, Hubley, and West Dover. Read Full Press Release


May 2018


Sadie Jane is a dynamic young artist who moved to St. Margaret’s Bay a few years ago. She gives art lessons at her studio, but also has a part-time job near the crossroads. Since the fall of 2017, she has been using BayRides four times a week to get back and forth to work. ​Read Full Press Release


April 2018


The board of directors of BayRides is happy to announce that Patty King has been hired as the new Executive Director. She will replace Julie Stover who contributed immensely to the growth and efficiency of BayRides over the past two years. “Patty’s extensive experience in the not-for-profit sector will guide our governance and operations, building on the foundations established by Julie Stover,” says Chris Pelham, president.Read Full Press Release


September 2015


BayRides officially launches on September 19, 2015!


July 2015


BayRides receives funding from the Nova Scotia Transit Research Incentive Program. Click here for details  


July 2015


Municipal Affairs Minister Mark Furey announces funding for accessible transportation  Click here for details


July 2015


Check out our article on page 6 of the MastHead News!    


April 2015


Rod Shaw, president of BayRides, is pleased to announce that Alison Donovan has joined BayRides in the position of manager. Click here for the whole story!


November 2014


The BayRides Board was presented with a TD Bank Customer Card, with $20,000 to buy the accessible bus they have been planning and fundraising for. Click here for the whole story!