Everyone in the St. Margaret’s Bay area can be connected with their community.

Being connected to their community means that people are able to satisfy their social, economic, educational, recreational, and medical needs and wants. People’s quality of life is improved economically and socially because they are connected with their community.

BayRides is a community-based transportation service offering accessible, safe, personalized transportation for the people in the St. Margaret’s Bay area.

Accessible means being available to those with situational, physical, economic or social need for transportation.

Safe means meeting strict vehicular standards as well as prudence in customer care and operation into and out of the vehicle.

Personalized means recognizing the unique requirements of our riders.

Affordable means a system of fares that permit access to all.

The community is that area served by our license.

Core Values
Integrity: We will act with integrity by being honest, trustworthy, and above reproach.

Fairness: We will be fair and deal with all in an equitable fashion recognizing individual circumstances.

Respect: We will create a respectful environment that ensures dignity to riders, staff and volunteers.

Excellence: We will always strive to provide exemplary and reliable service.

Innovative: We are open to try new things in a creative environment.